Sometimes I Forget When I’m Outside

Tatum Tot Spice When I go outside I like to play. And that usually means running around and hopping like a bunny and getting all silly. I wish one of my brothers and sisters would chase me around the tree, but they don’t, they are boring!

The Mum sometimes put her monkey hands out in claws and crouches down and pretends to chase me… that used to scare me but not anymore. Sometimes I still act like I’m scared and I kinda cower down but my tail stays up and so the Mum isn’t fooled. And I do go running off so I can’t fool her that way either. Oh well, she’s kinda smart sometimes.

So after I go out and we run and run, then I come in, and then I have to potty. I forget when I’m outside because it’s so much fun and so much running! The Mum and the Dad don’t get mad at me or anything… but when we are outside they keep saying ‘potty’ but I just kinda look at them ’cause I’d rather play. They say I need to learn to go outside to potty, and not inside on the tiles. And I will.. but then I go out, and then I forget! It’s just hard to remember!

The Mum can get me to play more than the Dad. And I have to be moving before I potty, I can’t just go cold turkey. But I can eat cold Turkey!

Do you potty inside or outside? Do you forget? Oooo don’t forget!

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9 thoughts on “Sometimes I Forget When I’m Outside

  1. Hi, Tatum!
    I never (almost never) go potty outside! I have my own bathroom inside my house so I can go there whenever I want… and I go a lot!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Hey unfurry one, I would come and play chase around the tree… is one of my favorite outside games – we call it skitchum. The mom pretends she can catch me but of coarse I am way to fast.

    I haven’t done the inside potty since I was like 12 weeks old…….the mom made sure I knew only outside was for that.

  3. I really only do my business outside. Well, of course that is as long as I haven’t been locked inside too long. I will hold on for as long as I can. But, well, you know when you just have to go …



  4. I never potty in the house. My Mom says sometimes Dylan wants to lift his leg but not in our house – just in other peoples where other dogs potty in the house. He gets confused in hotel rooms and at petsmart where lots of other dogs go. But other than that – he never potties inside either.

    Once in a while I will get a tummy ache and have diarreah in the house. That’s only if the mom is not home or sleeping though. Otherwise, I just let her know I need to go outside!!

    Tatum you will learn. Tell your mom you need more clicks and treats for pottying outside. That’s how my mom is teaching sadie to potty on the grass and not the carpet!

    Marleys last blog post..

  5. So far I’ve never forgotten. I usually end up remembering right in the middle of playing which means we all have to stop and wait on me and then we have to wait for someone to clean it up so we don’t end up stepping in it. (You should see Mom’s face when she steps in fresh poo, I’m afraid of that face!)

    Lady Kaoss last blog post..Did You Hear The News? – Updated

  6. Woof Tatum! Me? Always outside, that’t my job, I learned since I was little. It’s also fun I get to mark all trees and walls in the streets. We don’t have a backyard anymore so I only go potty when I go for my walks. But when we had a backyard I sometimes forgot too… hehehe.

    Sushis last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Nestled

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